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AWS Summit Mexico City 2018
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BRK201 - Morning Break Morning Break Breaks
BRK202 - Afternoon Break Afternoon Break Breaks
DEM02 - Media & Entertainment State of the Union AWS Cloud adoption is rapidly taking hold within critical aspects of media business processes, including basic transcoding and streaming. There is also a significant increase in media workload adoption across more business-critical and complex workloads in the areas of content creation, media supply-chain management, and content distribution. This session includes customer panelists from the visual effects supply chain and broadcast industries who now view the AWS Cloud as the default platform for implementing scalable, performant, and cost-effective media workloads. Hear from top leaders in the media and entertainment industry discuss their challenges and the lessons they learned when they migrated core media workloads to the cloud. 30 Minute Presentations
DEM03 - Personalized Customer Experiences for Your Cloud-Based Contact Center Join us for an overview and demonstration of Amazon Connect, a self-service cloud-based contact center. It is based on the same technology used by Amazon customer service associates worldwide to power millions of conversations. The self-service graphical interface in Amazon Connect makes it easy to design contact flows for individual and assisted call-handling experiences, manage agents, and track performance metrics. No specialized skills are required. In this session, representatives from Capital One and T-Mobile discuss how they are using Amazon Connect to provide their customers with dynamic, natural, and personalized experiences. Learn how quickly you can get started with Amazon Connect and build your contact center. 30 Minute Presentations
DEM04 - Advanced DevOps Practices on AWS Advanced DevOps practices for AWS provides concise and prescriptive guidance on how to build proper DevOps solutions in AWS using common patterns and best practices. This is an intermediate to advanced workshop and emphasizes such topics as access control, compliance enforcement, secret management, deployment patterns, multi-environment management, monitoring, and event notifications. This workshop includes hands-on labs for practice. Participants are expected to have experience with AWS or to have attended the CI/CD DevOps workshop. 30 Minute Presentations
DEM05 - Building Serverless Video Workflows In order to deliver videos to all consumers on all devices, you need to build a workload that is complex, time-consuming, and expensive. Now, it is fast and easy to implement video-on-demand workflows on AWS and distribute video content to a global audience. Small or large companies in various industries can deliver streaming video without complex professional video tools. In this session, learn how to build complex video workflows entirely in code using AWS services. 30 Minute Presentations
DEM06 - User Onboarding Sign-Up and Sign-In for Mobile and Web Apps with Amazon Cognito In this session, learn how to use Amazon Cognito to build user identity management workflows, including user onboarding sign-up and sign-on for mobile and web applications. Learn how to customize the look and feel of the UI and UX of the screens and pages and how to integrate these workflows with third-party social media providers, such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter. Also, learn how to use SAML to federate with enterprise directory services. 30 Minute Presentations
DEM07 - 100% Visibility into Your Applications It is important to have visibility into your applications in order to guard against errors, maintain uptime, and protect their performance. In this session, we show you how to gain that visibility by using DevOps to build better systems and leverage the perspectives of various teams. This session is brought to you by AWS Partner, Datadog. 30 Minute Presentations
DEM08 - An Introduction to Working with Amazon Alexa In this session, Scott Kepron from the Alexa Voices Services Business Development team, gives an introduction of Amazon Alexa with a focus on the different ways developers, brands, and OEMs can work with it. Come to this session and learn the history of Alexa; view demonstrations; and understand how customers use Alexa in their day-to-day lives. Also learn how developers, companies, and brands are working with Alexa to build Alexa skills or to integrate Alexa directly into their own products. Discover how Mexican companies that are interested in working with Alexa can get started. 30 Minute Presentations
DEM09 - Image Classification with Amazon SageMaker You don’t need advanced knowledge of deep learning and artificial neural networks to create machine-learning models for image classification and object detection. Come to this session to learn how to use integrated algorithms in Amazon SageMaker to create machine-learning models to classify images and detect objects. 30 Minute Presentations
DEM10 - Analysis of Social Media Sentiments in Real Time You don't need advanced knowledge of machine learning and techniques in natural-language processing in order to identify and extract information from social media posts in real time. In this session, we show you how to use Amazon Comprehend and Amazon Kinesis to apply natural-language processing, text analysis, and computational linguistics to analyze social media posts in real time. 30 Minute Presentations
DEM11 - Introduction to Monitoring By taking advantage of the dynamic infrastructure available through cloud providers and containers, we can scale like we never could before. However, by increasing our scale, monitoring has become more complicated, and we need to adjust our monitoring strategy accordingly. In this session, learn how to scale your monitoring strategy. We show you how to frame your metrics to determine what data to collect and how to interpret it. This session is brought to you by AWS Partner, Datadog. 30 Minute Presentations
DEM12 - Cloud Security for Regulated Industries In this session, we discuss the challenges that regulated industries, such as government, finance, and healthcare, face when demonstrating compliance with security requirements. Through customer use cases, you learn which AWS Marketplace services enable appropriate threat mitigation in cloud computing and which can help you minimize your burden. Finally, we demonstrate methods to reduce business impact while increasing security effectiveness and reducing risk in your environment. 30 Minute Presentations
DEV01 - Node.js Apps over AWS Elastic Beanstalk Join us in the Community Developer Lounge and learn from a local AWS community leader about deploying Node.js apps over AWS Elastic Beanstalk. Dev Chats
DEV02 - From SAP to AWS & Massive Migration with AWS SMS Join us in the Community Developer Lounge and learn from a local AWS community leader about migrating from SAP to AWS. Also learn about massive migration with AWS Server Migration Service (AWS SMS). Dev Chats
DEV03 - Introduction to Kubernetes with Amazon EKS Join us in the Community Developer Lounge and learn from a local AWS community leader on how to get started with Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS). Dev Chats
DEV04 - Multi-Client Serverless Architecture Join us in the Community Developer Lounge and learn from a local AWS community leader about practical business approaches to multi-client serverless architecture. Dev Chats
DEV07 - Amazon DynamoDB for Relational Database Experts Join us in the Community Developer Lounge and learn from a local AWS community leader about Amazon DynamoDB. This Dev Chat is for experts on relational databases. Dev Chats
DEV08 - Data Analysis with Jupyter and AWS Join us in the Community Developer Lounge and learn from a local AWS community leader about data analysis with Jupyter and AWS. Dev Chats
DEV09 - Your Business on Less Than $1 USD per Month Join us in the Community Developer Lounge and learn from a local AWS community leader about powering your business with less than $1 USD per month using serverless. Dev Chats
DEV10 - Big Data on AWS Join us in the Community Developer Lounge and learn from a local AWS community leader about big data on AWS. Dev Chats
DEV11 - Feel Safer in the Cloud Join us in the Community Developer Lounge and learn from a local AWS community leader about how to feel more secure in the cloud. Dev Chats
DEV12 - Data Science Join us in the Community Developer Lounge and learn from a local AWS community leader about data science. Dev Chats
DEV13 - From Developer to Supplier with AWS Join us in the Community Developer Lounge and learn from a local AWS community leader about the journey from developer to supplier with AWS. Dev Chats
DEV14 - Connecting Amazon Lex with Amazon Polly Join us in the Community Developer Lounge and learn from a local AWS community leader about how to use video game chatbots, technical support, and mobile applications—connecting Amazon Lex with Amazon Polly. Dev Chats
EXP201 - The Expo The Expo The Expo
GEN201 - Keynote Keynote featuring Stephen Orban, General Manager, New Initiative, AWS Marketplace Keynote
LGT01 - Decidata: Amazon Machine Learning Solutions for Deep TV & Radio Content Analysis In order to monitor large quantities of regional TV and radio streams, it is necessary to be physically present at each region. This can be challenging. In this talk, Decidata shows how Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Transcribe, and Amazon Comprehend helps get the metadata of all the content so users can easily find what they need. Startup Talks
LGT02 - Inkuvi: AI Applied to Proptech in the Cloud Architecture of High Availability Inkuvi is a proptech platform. It uses this technology to connect the dots and achieve a client-centric model. Its business model focuses on users who invest in properties. In this session, representatives from Inkuvi discuss how to achieve economies of scale through technology and architecture software. They also show you how to lay the foundation for a global platform of high availability using the AWS Cloud and such services as Amazon VPC, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon EC2, and Amazon S3. Startup Talks
LGT03 - Wizeline: Digital Strategy & Product Development Services Using AWS Has your product team ever come up with a great idea for a technology solution only to realize that they lacked the right technical talent or engineers in-house to execute it? Wizeline works with companies across industries to design, develop, and build digital products and customer experiences. Come to this session and see a live demo of an Alexa skill for a financial services client. This is a real-world example of how Wizeline can help accelerate product development in your company. We successfully execute nearly all of the products we build by taking advantage of the AWS Cloud. Startup Talks
LGT04 - Konfío: Building a Continuous Delivery Process for ML Models By building a continuous delivery process, predictive models can be incrementally improved by adding new data or observations, new features, or by adjusting parameters. Come to this session to learn how we use this methodology and enable our models to be retrained as soon as new observations are available or new data is collected. Startup Talks
LGT05 - Conekta: Securing Client Data Using AWS Services In this talk, learn how Conekta adopted multiple AWS services to design a secure infrastructure that provides e-commerce services in Mexico. Hear how Conekta is using Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Inspector, AWS WAF, AWS KMS, Amazon VPC, and other AWS Cloud services to keep their client's data secure. Startup Talks
LGT06 - Urbem: Digitizing Public Services with AI At Urbem, we use AWS for our bot, dashboard, and API infrastructure. All our services are on Amazon EC2 instances, and our databases run on Amazon RDS PostgreSQL. To deploy, we use Amazon ECR, where we keep all our Docker containers. In this talk, we show you how Cívica Digital is using AWS services to improve Mexican cities and public services by hosting the first digitalization platform that delivers a conversational UX to its citizens and data to its government. Startup Talks
LGT07 - Izit: Using AWS Services and Real-Time Data in Mobile Marketing Izit is a leading mobile application developed in Chile that enables users to discover promotions based on their location, personal preferences, and time of day. Primarily designed for Millennials, Izit is a new contextual mobile marketing channel that combines exclusive promotions together with a loyalty program called, "Go Bananas." Users collect and share bananas (loyalty points) and redeem them for products and services by leading brands. In this talk, learn how Izit uses the AWS suite to collect, process, and apply real-time data to support its clients. Startup Talks
MAR201 - Lunch Lunch in The Expo Meals and Receptions
MAR202 - Networking Reception Networking Reception in The Expo Meals and Receptions
MAR203 - Coffee in The Expo Coffee in The Expo Meals and Receptions
MXO201 - Leveraging Machine Learning to Enhance Business Value In this session, we cover how computer vision, natural language understanding, prediction, recommendation, robotics, and other machine learning models are being increasingly used across industries, including Amazon businesses, to enhance capabilities and improve customer experiences. We also cover how you can quickly leverage AWS managed machine learning services for your business. The products and services covered include Amazon Polly, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Lex, and Amazon Transcribe. Breakout Session
MXO202 - Driving Innovation with Container Architecture Containers enable you to easily package an application’s code configurations and dependencies into easy-to-use building blocks that deliver environmental consistency, operational efficiency, developer productivity, and version control. But how can developers leverage containers to drive innovation for their applications, their team, and organization? In this session, we discuss how containers are becoming a new cloud-native compute primitive and how your organization can use containers as a building block to accelerate innovation. Breakout Session
MXO203 - Big Data Architectural Patterns and Best Practices on AWS In this session, we simplify big data processing as a data bus comprising various stages: collect, store, process, analyze, and visualize. We then discuss how to choose the right technology in each stage based on criteria such as data structure, query latency, cost, request rate, item size, data volume, durability, and so on. Finally, we provide reference architectures, design patterns, and best practices for assembling these technologies to solve your big data problems at the right price. Breakout Session
MXO204 - Building Data Lakes and Analytics on AWS Over 90% of today’s data was generated in the last two years, and the rate of data growth isn’t slowing. In this session, we step through the challenges and best practices for capturing all the data that is being generated, understanding what data you have, driving insights, and even predicting the future using purpose-built AWS services. We frame the session and demonstrations around the common pitfalls of building data lakes and successfully driving analytics and insights from data. We focus on architecture patterns, bringing together key AWS services. We show how services such as Amazon S3, AWS Glue, Amazon Redshift, Amazon Athena, Amazon EMR, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon Machine Learning can work together to build a successful data lake for various roles, including data scientists and business users. Breakout Session
MXO205 - Push Intelligence to the IoT Edge with AWS Greengrass Whether it’s connected cars, smart home devices, or industrial applications, IoT applications are rapidly becoming more intelligent. Edge computing is helping lead this transformation as IoT devices not only collect and transmit data, but also perform predictive analytics and respond to local events, even without cloud connectivity. In this session, learn about ML inference at the edge, why it matters, and how to use it to build intelligent IoT applications. Through customer use cases, we demonstrate how to use AWS Greengrass to locate cloud-trained ML models, deploy them to your AWS Greengrass devices, enable access to on-device computing power, and apply the models to locally generated data without connection to the cloud. Breakout Session
MXO206 - Which Database to Use When? We have recently seen some convergence of different database technologies. Many customers are evaluating heterogeneous migrations as their database needs have evolved or changed. Evaluating the best database to use for a job isn't as clear as it was ten years ago. In this session, we discuss the ideal use cases for relational and nonrelational data services, including Amazon ElastiCache for Redis, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Aurora, and Amazon Redshift. This session discusses the details of how to evaluate a new workload for the best managed database option. Breakout Session
MXO207 - Optimizing Costs as You Scale on AWS The cloud offers an unprecedented opportunity to constantly optimize your costs as you grow and stay on the forefront of innovation. When you develop a cost-conscious culture and assign the responsibility for efficiency to the appropriate business roles, you can efficiently and cost-effectively deliver innovation. In this session, we review a wide range of cost planning, monitoring, and optimization strategies through real-world experience from AWS customers. Breakout Session
MXO208 - Architectures and Strategies for Building Modern Applications on AWS The rapid growth of technology and tooling in the cloud has enabled us to build modern applications that are more secure, scalable, and focused on our business. In this session, we cover the key compute primitives that enable us to accelerate towards building and running modern, cloud-native applications. We highlight what we’ve learned from customers running applications with AWS Lambda and AWS Fargate, two modern compute technologies for running applications in the cloud. In addition, we cover architecture patterns of modern application, key primitives required for building modern systems, steps you can take to start building and monitoring modern applications today, and tips for fearlessly going faster and farther in the cloud. Breakout Session
MXO209 - Thirty Serverless Architectures in 30 Minutes Don’t blink because in this session, we quickly show you thirty different architectural patterns that you can use with AWS Lambda to solve everything from basic infrastructure automation tasks to building chatbots. We cover the services that connect to AWS Lambda and help you create serverless applications that can respond to requests from many AWS services today. We also discuss how to secure these serverless applications, deploy them, monitor them, and profile them for issues. By the end of this session, expect to have ideas on how serverless architecture can improve your life. Breakout Session
MXO210 - The AWS Cloud Adoption Framework The business case for cloud computing goes beyond total cost of ownership (TCO). AWS helps organizations reduce time to market and time spent on undifferentiated work and improve application availability. In this session, you learn about the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework. This framework quantifies not only TCO savings, but also the business value of agility, risk reduction, and efficiency, which you can use in building a case for change. After this session, you should be able to describe the benefits of the cloud to different stakeholders across your organization and present a comprehensive business case. Breakout Session
MXO211 - Planning AWS Networking Architectures Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) enables you to have complete control over your AWS virtual networking environment. Given this control, have you ever wondered how new Amazon VPC features will affect the way you design your AWS networking infrastructure or change the existing architectures that you use today? Have you wondered how to allocate IP addresses or how to route in Amazon VPC? In this session, we share real-life examples of how to leverage AWS VPC within your local data center and create hybrid architectures using a virtual private gateway. We also explore the newly added capabilities and show you how you can use them. Breakout Session
MXO212 - Best Practices for Managing Security Operations on AWS To help prevent unexpected access to your AWS resources, it is critical to maintain strong identity and access policies and track, effectively detect, and react to changes. In this session, learn how to use AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) to control access to AWS resources and integrate your existing authentication system with IAM. We cover how to deploy and control AWS infrastructure using code templates, including change management policies with AWS CloudFormation. Further effectively detecting and reacting to changes in posture or adverse actions requires the ability to monitor and process events. There are several services within AWS that enable this kind of monitoring, such as AWS CloudTrail, Amazon CloudWatch Events, and the AWS service APIs. In this session, we show you how Netflix utilizes a combination of these services to operationalize monitoring of their deployments at scale, and we discuss changes made as Netflix’s deployment has grown over the years. Breakout Session
MXO213 - Reinventing SAP on AWS: Scale and Simplify SAP Operations on AWS A very large number of enterprise customers are moving their entire SAP landscape, including production environments, to AWS in order to increase business agility and reduce costs. In this session, learn how AWS provides infrastructure designed for large-scale and in-memory applications with one of the lowest price-memory ratios. Also learn how AWS simplifies SAP operations with AWS Step Functions to automate one of the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks in any SAP landscape, SAP System Refresh. Breakout Session
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